Flower Power – British Journal of Photography 2/2020

“Photojournalist Adriano Marzi has been living in Ethiopia since 2012. Having completed a masters in environmental economics and development, Marzi decided to investigate Afriflora Sher’s greenhouses, located near Ziway lake, 160km south of Addis Ababa. He’s been developing his ongoing project, Flower Power, since 2013. In addition to photographing inside Afriflora Sher’s greenhouses, the photographer visited the Hortiflora Expo, an annual event where national and international suppliers gather to meet Ethiopian growers in the country’s capital. He also travelled to the Netherlands, documenting the world’s largest flower auction in Aalsmeer”

“Fairtrade was created with the belief that promoting direct cooperation with small producers could be the key to improving living conditions of the world’s poorest people,” says Marzi. “Is it ‘fair’ that these roses, produced by the largest rose company in the world that takes advantage of cheap manpower, claim this very same label?”